Endoscopes and Related Accessories


USB-OTO | $5,995.00

The MDS USB Video Otoscope System is an affordable video otoscopy solution for your practice. There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to educate and impress your clients with this type of diagnostic tool. Our optical probe comes with an otoscopy sheath with a 2mm working channel that can be used for taking a biopsy, retrieving a foreign body or flushing the ear canal. Our Otoscope System allows the user to accomplish many procedures that would normally be impossible with an ordinary otoscope. Educate your clients while increasing their compliance with treatments. The system includes the Otoscope, 8" Flexible Alligator Forceps, Light Source, CCD Color Camera, USB Video Adapter (with software) for your PC, and a sturdy welded metal cart with 3 shelves and a drawer. Additionally, you get the Auri-Kleen, foot pedal-operated irrigation and suction device for deep ear flushes.